Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Elizabeth Roman  Paris, France
Download: Violence Kills.
Web site: http://www.arteroman.com/


  1. Hi Matthew-
    I want to let you know that my friend Jack, a retired lawyer and tireless peace and justice worker, is sending "Violence Kills" to his circle and letting them know it may be downloaded. He really likes that artwork. Yes! The work is starting to get out!
    Hi Kathleen, that is great to hear. Hopefully Jack and/or his circle will print and post somewhere and then return a photo to me so I can put it up. A few like that and I think people will better understand the project and its interest both for designers and artists and people and places. Thank you... Love it. Matthew
    Matthew, I love this poster because violence is the surge of the US. I have sent it to several people - I send you any uses that occur.
    Terrific, Jack... I'll soon set up the sister site. Glad you are enjoying the project. Now we need a million peple just like you!
    (Jack) I find myself using "Violence Kills" as some persuasive writing I do. For example, "This Violence Kills not only our bodies but also our spirits." I want to figure out a way to combine the poster with the persuasion. I sent a copy to my anti-death penalty group, with suggestions as to how they might use it to convey our message.
    (Kathleen) True enough Jack! How many times I've seen the flat affect and expressionless eyes of dead souls. "The walking dead...." Your insight has lead me to think about all the non physical methods of violence this poster could also symbolically suggest.
    (Jack) Violence starts at conception (conflict between parents and
    ends at death (the absurd death ceremonies we hold). Violence, and there is a lot of it in our lives, replaces love with a bizarre form of Power.
    (Kathleen) I'm not quite so jaded as to agree with you Jack, but I do see the generational cycles of violence. The way it is provoked by displaced anger at times makes it seem as if it's an integral weave in the fabric of life. The fact that we have normalized violence should be challenged. I think the message "violence kills" does that. We should let the artist know that her poster has prompted reflection and conversation.
    (Jack) If we are going to reduce Violence I believe we must be as Jaded as violence itself is.
    (Jack) @ Matthew - I'm a believer that the only thing we pass to the next generation is our Art, The proviso is a broad definition of Art based on the Creation of Art. Some people have trouble when I say James Joyce is a great artist. @ Matthew - hopefully you can let the artist know as kathleen suggests. Because anti-Violence is an important component to me in building Peace, I expect there will more dialogue.
    @Kathleen - Good Point
    (Kathleen) p.s. James Joyce IS a great artist! I'll stand with you on that one, Jack!

  2. Hi everybody ;)
    I was very touched and really happy to see that my artwork is behind this interesting discussion. Like you, I feel challenged in a world that sometimes, I think, goes mad. The artistic creation allows me to feel that I am able to do something, to make the world less unjust and less violent but I don't claim to believe that my painting will really make the big changes. Anyway I would be happy, if I am able to make some people ask themselves questions about consequences of individual and political actions, decisions and stop us thinking only about our individual interests. Finally, I would like to add to this very powerful discussion and nice project this beautiful quote of Mahatma Gandhi that I always kept in my mind while I was working in my poster “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent”

  3. Hi I am sharing it with my friends so that they can share it with theirs too and hopefully get the word out to everyone!! Thanks for the message and DOWN with the war industry!!